Tracy Rasmussen
    author, journalist, essayist

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Welcome to my website. I'm glad you've stopped by.

What I'm Writing...

I'm an internationally award-winning journalist with nearly 30 years experience including:

* Essays
* Entertainment reporting
* Health reporting
* Ghost writing

My work has appeared in:

* Wondertime
* The Christian Science Monitor
* Kidsville

What Others Are Writing About Me...

Praise for The Verbal Behavior Approach, Teaching Children with Autism and Related Disorders:

"Written with style, warmth and real know-how..."
-- Eustacia Cutler, Author A Thorn in My Pocket: Temple Grandin's Mother Tells the Family Story

"A succinct, intelligible tour of an effective intervention for autistic children through both speech and non-verbal communication. -- Kirkus Reports, April 2007

Considering that this book deals with subject matter that is, to say the least, difficult to understand, the writing style makes the trip far more interesting than laborious. Although Barbera is listed as the main author, I suspect that the second author--Rasmussen, is the one responsible for the easy flow of the therapist's ideas.
- James Vanore, author, Grave Departure and Beware the Levan

"A truly remarkable book that is clearly written, well organized, and a thorough compilation of important information and advice. This book provides a friendly voice."
- Kimberly Barnes M.S. CCC-SLP, Speech and Language Pathologist

Praise for my essay, Driving with God, in The Groovy Chicks Road Trip to Peace:
"Wow! What a great time I had reading Groovy Chicks Road Trip to Peace... I found it packed with personal stories by some great (or should I say groovy?)writers ... Tracy Rasmussen... I recommend this book to women who enjoy a good laugh while learning and growing.


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